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International multimodal transport has become a new trend


International multimodal transport is the transport of goods transported by a multimodal transport operator from a takeover location within one country to a designated delivery location within the territory of another country in at least two different modes of transport, with two or more types of transport. The transportation process in which the tools are connected to each other and transported together.

With the market's diversification of cargo logistics and transportation, international express door-to-door, international air transport point to point, international sea port to Hong Kong, international railway transport station to the station. International multimodal transport in international logistics can combine water, road, railway and air transport in various ways. International Maritime-International Railway-International Air Transport Intermodal Transport combines different international logistics modes of transport to form an organic Continuous, integrated and integrated cargo transportation. International multimodal transport is welcomed by the countries along the Silk Road and the Silk Road on the 'One Belt and One Road' and is also widely recognized by the modern international logistics industry.